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returned to Spain (Viveros Herol) and worked      Semi-finals head to head:
with the Brazil national team, before he arrived  All time:
at Brest in July.                                 20 matches - 11 Meshkov wins - 1 draw - 8
In contrast to the transition in Zagreb (nine     Zagreb wins
new arrivals and eight players who left), the     Previous FINAL4 tournaments:
Meshkov squad did not change that much            2013 semi-final in Skopje: Brest – Zagreb 29:31
over the summer - Brest still count on one of     2016 in Varazdin third place match Brest vs
biggest rising stars of European handball, right  Zagreb 23:24
wing Mikita Vailupau, top scorer of the SEHA      2017 in Brest third place match: Brest – Zagreb
- Gazprom League season 2019/20 and second        23:19
best scorer of the EHF Champions League           2020 in Zadar third place match Brest vs
2020/21 and the EHF EURO 2020. While Simon        Zagreb 29:24
Razgor, Alexander Shkurinskiy, Marko Panic
and Sandro Obranovic left the team, Stanislav     This season -
Kasparek and Baptiste Bonnefond have joined       Top scorers: Ivan Cupic (32 goals/for Vardar and
Brest.                                            Zagreb), Mikita Vailupau (Meshkov/17 goals)
Meshkov re-started their engines in the SEHA      Goals scored: Zagreb 178 in 8 matches, Meshkov
- Gazprom League with the Quarter-Final, and      66 in 2 matches
they beat Eurofarm Pelister twice - 31:28 at
Bitola, 35:31 at Brest - and again Vailupau was
the top scorer, including eleven strikes in the
second leg.
Zagreb had won four of six group matches to
finish on top of Group A, then skipped the Play-
Off, before they faced Vardar in the Quarter-
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