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Meshkov Brest - a team
                                                     that has been waiting
                                                     10 years for a SEHA title

    For Meshkov Brest, the easiest task is to reach  The easiest part of the road is over, Meshkov
    the final tournament and be among the best       reached Final 4. Now they have to make the
    four teams in SEHA - Gazprom League. They        final step. Meshkov have added some players
    are the second most successful team in history   and a new coach, but their goal remains the
    of the league according to the number of Final   same – winning a title. Spaniard Dani Gordo
    4 appearances, participating in the league for   sat on Meshkov’s bench took over the squad
    9 seasons and playing at the same amount         after Raul Alonso. His vision included only two
    of Final 4. But despite that, they have never    new players, Baptiste Bonnefond and Stanislav
    reached the top. In this jubilee 10th season of  Kasparek, while Razgor, Shkurinskiy, Obranovic
    SEHA - Gazprom League, for many, Meshkov is      and Panic left. Several youngster will get a
    a serious candidate for the title.               chance to play in Gordo’s system.

    In their 8 appearances, Meshkov reached the      This season, Meshkov did not play the group
    final twice (2014 and 2015) and won the bronze   stage of SEHA League, but started directly
    medal three times (2017, 2019 and 2020). Even    with the Quarter-Final matches. The Belarus
    when Brest hosted the Final 4 tournament         team won twice against Eurofarm Pelister with
    (twice) Meshkov failed to reach the final, but   an easy 4-goal difference (31:27 and 35:31),
    had an opportunity to play for the bronze        routinely completing the tasks.
    medal.                                           Last season, the Final 4 tournament was also
    Players believe that they will break the bad     held in Zadar, and Meshkov won the bronze
    tradition and bring joy to the fans, sponsors    medal. In the Semi-Final, they lost to Telekom
    and all those who have had the patience for all  Veszprem, whose players later lifted the
    their ups and downs.                             trophy, but Meshkov got some satisfaction by
                                                     beating PPD Zagreb in a third-place match.

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