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Stas SKUBE                               The only Meshkov player who has won the SEHA
                                         League title and EHF Champions League (both
 Position: Centre back                   with Vardar). Although he is only 176 cm tall, he
 Age: 32                                 is one of the best playmakers in Slovenia, as well
 Nationality: Slovenia                   as being one of the elites in SEHA.
                                         Great “1 on 1” player and an even better passer.
20                                       Organizer that every coach wants.

                                                 This is his last season with Meshkov, and
                                                 from the next 2022/2023 he will be a
                                                 member of Kielce.
                                                 Meshkov’s game largely depends on his
                                                 form. When he is in the mood, Meshkov
                                                 easily score goals and win even easier.

             SEASON RESULTS              Mikita VAILUPAU

Eurofarm Pelister – Meshkov Brest 27:31              Position: Right wing
Meshkov Brest – Eurofarm Pelister 35:31              Age: 26
                                                     Nationality: Belarus


                                         With 11 goals he scored in the second Quarter-
                                         Final match against Eurofarm Pelister in Brest,
                                         once again he showed that he is a pure scorer.
                                         He plays on the right wing, but if necessary he
                                         can also play as a right back. Fast and explosive
                                         on the counterattack, but most importantly – a
                                         goalscoring machine. Mikita Vailupau was the
                                         TOP Scorer in SEHA - Gazprom League last year
                                         with 111 goals. He had a record-breaking 20 goal
                                         match in 2019 in Sabac versus Metaloplastika.
                                         It was similar against Eurofarm Pelister in
                                         Bitola, where Vailupau scored 14 goals from 17

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