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clashes away from home – in Nasice, Novi Sad and
                         Zaporozhye. Something you don’t really see quite
                         often. Nexe managed to use the situation and finish
                         above the ‘Red&Black’ in the standings which in the
                         end led to a Quarter-Final matchup between Vardar
                         and PPD Zagreb as well as the end of a nine-year long
                         streak of final tournament appearances for one of
                         the founding clubs. Last team in Group B, Vojvodina,
                         opened the season with four losses, but ended the
                         Group Phase on a high note – defeating both Motor
                         (30:27) and Vardar (33:24). Still, it wasn’t enough for
                         them to avoid the Eighth-Final.

                         The most efficient team of the group stage was
                         Motor from Zaporozhye with 186 goals scored. PPD
                         Zagreb scored only 135 but allowed no more than 108.
                         However, we also need to consider the fact they had
                         two 5:5 draws behind them, because of the ongoing
                         situation. Metaloplastika’s defense struggled the
                         most, allowing 198 goals and losing by a four and a
                         half goal margin on average.

                         After that the time had finally arrived for knock-out
                         matches. In the first round third-positioned team
from Group A met fourth-positioned from Group B and vice versa. Vardar
got past Metaloplastika without much trouble (31:39 away and 26:23 at
home), while Tatran defeated Vojvodina in the first leg (28:40) and lost
their home match (22:27).

In the second round Telekom Veszprem and Meshkov Brest joined the
competition. Hungarians managed to secure a place for themselves in
Zadar, cruising past Nexe while Meshkov celebrated twice against Eurofarm
Pelister. Motor delivered yet another proof of solid form defeating Tatran
Presov twice while PPD Zagreb and Vardar squared off in another SEHA
Clasico, which in the end went Vardars’ way, but due to a positive Covid-19
case of one of their team members, they were not eligible to play at the
Final 4, but were substituted by PPD Zagreb.

Despite of everything that was going on around, SEHA - Gazprom League
managed to make it to the end of another succesful season which will
finish with 40 matches played. Considering all the specific circumstances
that is a number we can surely be quite proud of.
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