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TOP Scorer of the season                                                                        Timur Dibirov

                          Timur Dibirov is the best scorer of the first part of SEHA season.
                          In 10 appearances for Vardar 1961 this season he has managed to
                          score 57 goals. His Quarter-Final outings versus PPD Zagreb helped
                          him get past Oliver Rabek and his 48 goals on the scoring list.
                          Dibirov is the leader of this Vardar 1961 team and the fact that he
                          has played in all SEHA matches during such a difficult season says
                          more than enough about a man who is playing so good in what is
                          already his eighth season in Skopje. Interestingly, Timur was the
                          key player for his team in a win over Motor Zaporozhye which saved
                          Vardar’s season while he also scored nine in both Nasice and Novi

                          Dibirov best scoring season in SEHA – Gazprom League came in
                          2013/14, when he scored 110 goals in 16 appearances – for an average
                          of 6.88 goals per match. In that year Dibirov was also chosen as
                          the SEHA Final 4 Most Valuable Player. In his career in SEHA, he
                          scored a total of 567 goals over a span of eight seasons. However,
                          2020/2021 is the first time he is the first time he has won the TOP
                          Scorer award. He inherited last season’s TOP Scorer – unstoppable
                          Mikita Vailupau.

                          Timur Dibirov is an absolute legend of handball. The Russian man
                          arrived to Skopje almost ten years ago, and looks set to finish his
                          career with Vardar 1961. Many players came and went away, but
                          Dibirov has been here for such a long time. Even though he is 38
                          years old now, the flying Russian seems like he doesn’t age at all.
                          Dibirov is still a classy winger, whether in fast breaks, jumping from
                          the corner, or flicking his wrist. Trick shots, powerful rockers, or
                          sublime finishing, he can do it all. Dibirov is, without a doubt, the
                          best SEHA left winger of all time. Four titles are simply speaking for
                          themselves. Simply amazing.
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