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ten years of the
SEHA – Gazprom League!

Dear handball friends,

The 10th SEHA – Gazprom League season is reaching its climax, the SEHA – Gazprom
League Final 4 is here. After a successful final tournament in Zadar last September, the
Croatian coast city will once again host the four best teams of the 10th SEHA season.

In our ten, exciting and interesting years, we have experienced handball in all its glory. We
have seen how well the League developed throughout the years and how it positioned
itself as one of the best handball competitions in Europe.

Together with our title sponsor Gazprom, we have built the SEHA brand and made it
recognisable not only in handball, but in the entire world of sports. Now, we look forward
to the upcoming, 10th SEHA – Gazprom League Final 4 and once we crown the new
champions, it will soon be time for the 11th SEHA season.

We wish all the best to the four contenders and to you, dear readers, we wish you to
experience the best of regional handball with us.

								Your President,
								Mihajlo Mihajlovski
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